Chettinad Players:

The aesthetics and artistic abilities of our founder – The Kumara Rani of Chettinad are often transferred to the skills of the students. “Chettinad Players” the theatre group of the school is one of its kind in the city.  Pioneered by the principal Mrs.Amudhalakshmi- creative head “Chettinad Players” with her team creats plays from the epics of Indian mythology to make the student understand the rich heritage that we belong to. The aim of this theatre group is to hone the theatrical skills of the students. From the very first year, the plays enacted by the Chettinad Players have had rave reviews. The plays are based on our Indian epics and portray principal characters and events like ‘Karna’,’Vaali’,’Raavana’, Bheeshma’, ‘Krishna’, ‘Kurushethra’, ‘Raghuvamsam’, and ‘Sundarakandam’.  Mammoth sets, authentic costumes and realistic portrayal on stage have won laurels from the media and audience. The alumni form an integral part of Chettinad players.

The Director Mr. J. Jayakumar – A long standing theatre artist is undoubtedly the quintessential director who exudes confidence and performance in his cast. His long association with Chettinad Players has enabled budding talents to bloom to their fullest. His essential quality is that he is a great observer and a good reader of his cast. His achievement lies in making his cast, an achiever.

Padmasri Thota Tharani – The Internationally acclaimed art director designs and creates the sets for the plays which essentially bring out the crux and the script to reality.