Literary Clubs:

Kumara Raja Muthiah Muthamil Mandram:

The Mandram was started to promote Tamil Music, Dance and Drama.  Dr. Mrs Meena Muthiah herself being connoisseur of fine Arts, promotes budding artists providing them with a platform to showcase their talents through the Muthamizh Mandraram.

Drama Club:

Chetinaad players (Vaalivadam, Karna, Ravana, Beeshma, Kurushetra, Raghuvamsam, Krishna & Sundarakandam)

Tamil Illakiya Mandram: Tamil Illakiya Mandram functions with the purpose of spreading awareness and creating interest among the students on the rich heritage of Tamil Literature – Oratorical competitions, Debates, Poetry – writing etc., Activities are conducted throughout the year and prizes are awarded to the winners at the Annual Meet.

Hindi Sahithyik Sabha: (Sadhana):

It has been functioning to promote Hindi literature.  Various competitions and quiz programmes are conducted to motivate the students and prizes are distributed at the annual meet.

French Club: L’AMITI’E:

The French club l’amiie’ was started in the year 2010.  The activities of the club are quiz competitions, essay writing, debates and speeches for classes VI to X.  For the classes IV and V drawing and picture description competitions are conducted.